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Invite others to join the movement. If you are not interested share with family, friends, co-workers etc who may be. I know you may have some people who are in denial that they are plus size. I am here to let them know it is okay. Post it on their page if you have too. #plussize #inspire #support #follow #confidence #zaftigdivas #joinmovement #facebook #diva #fabulous #curvy #sin city #lasvegas #Vegas #Texas #movement #empowerment #followyourdreams #loveurself #repost #share #instarepost

Just thoughts!

Starting Zaftig Diva has helped me in ways many won’t believe. I use to live my life based on what I “thought” other people would say. I wouldn’t dress a certain way, say or do certain things out of fear of being judged by my friends, family and others. I had confidence but it was low. I even had self-esteem issues from time to time, heck I still do on occasions, but hey what woman doesn’t.

Starting Zaftig Diva was the best thing I could have done, not only for other women but for myself. I mean, I can’t tell other women to carry them self in a certain way if I am not practicing it as well. How can I tell women to be confident if I am not confident, you get my drift. I have grown so much over these past few months and no longer care what others have to say friends, family or general public. I respect their opinion but at the end of the day I am the one who has to live my life.

With that being said, ladies understand everyone is going to judge and have their opinions of you regardless. You can choose to let it make or break you and I have chosen to let it make me. I will walk with confidence for the rest of my days whether in flats, heels, sweats, slacks, shorts etc. and I advise you to do the same. “Flaunt, Embrace and Wear your curves with confidence”. Mary
#teamZaftig #teamZDolls


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